Hello you all,

Didn’t post anything because I’m sooooooo busy!!!
Between tattoos, photos of my exposition (coming soon) and tomorrow gig with my band “Os Magnéticos” 🙂

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Cheap Secret



Ok girls… today I share with you one of my deepest secrets :p

Sometimes I need “neutral” clothes (neutral = basic or without any style) to match with patterns and other pieces that I have… so it takes time to arrive but the shipping it’s not that expensive , they use to have very cool SALES so you just have to check the site time to time 😀

SheIn – Click here

They have some cool accessories and everything… good prices and what I really love about it it’s when people upload photos with the item that they bought and you can see how the clothes actually fit on “normal” people and not just the models of the catalogue… 😛

It’s all for today! Have a nice week and don’t forget to follow my Instagram

Enjoy your new online shop ❤



Hey guys!!

Today I share with you some cool ideas to Halloween. I know… in Portugal we don’t have this tradition but I know there are some Halloween lovers so.. If you have a friend or someone doing a Halloween party there’s some really cool “not to obvious” outfits:

I like the fact that this is not a “halloween costume” and you can use it as a daily outfit.
Find those and more ideas on Pin Up Clothing.

Now…Here you have some cool ideas to match normal clothes where what makes the difference it’s the accessories and the makeup.

I really like the CatLady if you dont have a jumpsuit use a black trousers and top! 😀

If you’re thinking about having a PARTY you MUST go to Pinterest !
The best site ever to inspire you in every situation! No doubts 😀

To finish my Halloween post nothing better then sharing with you some of my new TATTOO FLASHS !!!
Hope you like and if you are in Portugal… you must get one 😀



Cute&Girly Tattoos


Today I’m sharing with you one of the tattoo styles that I’m doing lately !
And I really love it because they are SOOOOO adorable 😀

It’s a very girly tattoo because of the pinks and all the pastel colors…

Cute babies like “kewpies” (to represent children, nephews, etc…)


Kewpie is a brand of dolls and figurines that were initially conceived as comic strip characters by artist and writer Rose O’Neill. The illustrated cartoons, appearing as baby cupid characters, began to gain popularity after the publication of O’Neill’s comic strips in 1909, and O’Neill began to illustrate and sell paper doll versions of the Kewpies. The characters were first produced as bisque dolls in Waltershausen, Germany beginning in 1912, and became extremely popular in the early 20th century.

Some other exemples:


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Mariza Seita

My Lipsticks

Hi girls

Like I said yesterday on my Instagram today I will talk about my new lipsticks!

They’re from Inglot and (from left to right) its the nr 16, 20 and 13

In this photo I have nr 13 on:

I will put on my Instagram the other colors along with the outfit pics that I use to post 🙂

And Here is the nr 16!


I always use my favorite mate red lipstick from Sephora Click here to watch

But I don’t really like the other colors of this collections so I casually found those Inglot mate lipsticks and I LOVED IT !!!

They are MATE , last ALL day and it’s so easy to draw our lip line with it!

I’m totally in LOVE !


I like the purple one but for me and for my style doesn’t work. I’m planning to use it on Halloween 😀

I’ll share with you if I buy more colors!!!

More quest?

Talk with me!




Retro Accessories


Today is a holiday in Portugal. We celebrate the day of the establishment of the Republic  so I have time to do a longer post!

Have some girls asking me on my Instagram where I buy some of my clothes and accessories today I show you some really cool online shops!

So we have:

You have beautiful and clean pictures and awsome turbans (best way to keep you warm this winter) 🙂

If you like to wear brooches the most wonderful are here!
Check the link you’ll find very different styles
They have awsome necklaces and earrings

Lady Luck’s Boutique
If you like to wear some flowers on your hair check Lady Luck’s Boutique


Earings, very different necklaces (love the one with the lobster)
and some cool brooches too


O M G !  I loose my mind shopping here! The most beautiful bracelettes in the world 😀
And necklace.. and earings…. ahahahha must check it out !


Luxe de Ville
 Here you can find some cool handbags and some shoes… I love those with the starburst :’)



Glitter Paradise

LOVE almos all the earings (I have a “problem” with earings) * ahahahaha
I bought my palm tree earings there.
They have some other accessories too! Must watch 🙂


For now it’s all girls!
If you have any question feel free to ask!

Have a nice day and… shop shop! 😀


*My “problem” with earings
(this is like.. half of them) xD

“Re-Do” your Tattoo

Hi again!

Welcome to my 2nd post …

Today I did this remake, that’s something that most people who have old tattoos don’t remember to do and works very well! 🙂


What do you think?

Do you have an old tattoo to remake?

Remember that it’s not possible to do this kind of remake in all tattoos some of them are very small or don’t have enough defenition.
Ask your tattoo artist what’s possible to do on your tattoo, some cases the best way it’s covering it.

Any question check my Instagram @marizaseitatattoo